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Nv4500 BellhousingFlywheels & Flexplates All flywheels from 1955-1961 are of the larger 168 tooth style. Full gm conversion bellhousings, Full gm bellhousing choices. i put a 208 t case behind the nv4500 but i plan to put it in my 90 crew cab with the 90 round pattern 205. 686" index ring and same bolt pattern up till early 90's maybe longer (but some have rotated pattern like T5) After 1993 NV4500 bellhousings had different patterns than earlier (SM465), changed again in 1996 to dodge pattern for NV4500. Rebuilt NV4500 with 12 month factory warranty, Bell housing Shift stub, Shift stick, Clutch kit, Slave cylinder, Master cylinder, Flywheel. NV4500 Bellhousing, Clutch Info & Complete kits. The TR-4050 is rated at 425 lbs. The NV4500 closely matches the gearing of the original 4 speed, plus has a 0. Has a hairline crack at the CPS sensor hole that could be easily welded or run as is. NV4500 Dodge Getrag 360 2WD & 4WD Replacement transmission kits for 1988-1993 Cummins Diesel. The Novak #HCRC has been proven to work on big clutch & small clutch as well as big bore and small bore Chevy bellhousings. FORD Bellhousing Adapters. Buy NV4500 Transmission Gear Nut Fix, Super Nut, NV27133. SHAFT-NV4500 4X4 GM 32 SPLINE OUTPUT. The NV 4500 also has 2 bolt patterns based on early design and later design-bolts and nuts would likely work in this case. I just did a nv4500 swap into my 77, replacing the 465. This 5 Speed with an Overdrive is an …. Advance Adapters GM NV4500 Manual Transmission Adapters. Kit includes remanufactured transmission with aluminum top cover, shift stub, shift stick, rear extension housings, aluminum bell housing, plus bell-housing bolts. Hello all, This is my first post here (other than a wanted ad for a 2wd nv4500 short tail housing), so hello! Doing a 4bt/NV4500HD into a divorced NP205 72 ford f250. 3L was only available in half ton trucks. Cost me $30 Set the bellhousing and mark carefully. The ZF-5 speed that you want came in 1988 & later F250's with the 460 FI engine and is a direct bolt-on (has the 385 Series bell pattern). I have a new dodge nv4500 bellhousing, gm nv4500, and a gm np205 adapter plate with 32 spling input kit, and new stock dodge flywheel pressure plate and clutch. I did not have the bellhousing and wanted to have an external clutch slave. 1963-1973 3 speed models with Chevy engine. Please don't crucify me, I'm to young to die! I'm putting an NV4500 in my 80 3/4 ton chevy. By changing the fulcrum point of the lever, this shifter kit reduces throws by 20%. The NV 4500 is an alternative for the NV3500 and NV5600, the. I had a lakewood scattershield bellhousing modified to allow the tranny to line up with the older 350 block. What I am wondering is, will my nv4500 bellhousing bolt up to the. 1940 bellhousings have provisions to mount the clutch and brake pedals, 1955 and later bellhousings do not. 7L/350 Chevy small block Gen I Bellhousings. Engine: Cummins Diesel Transmission: NV4500 Flywheel:152 tooth Clutch Diameter: 12. Also has used throw out bearing and clutch fork. For use with M21/22, SM420, SM465, and NV4500 transmissions. Chevy NV4500 Rebuild Kit with Synchro Rings, BK308BWS. Again, if anyone on here has actually drilled the NV4500 case to mount up to an SM465 bellhousing, I'd love to see pics, but I'm assuming no. item 4 FORD BIG BLOCK BBF 351M 400 ORIGINAL MANUAL TRANS BELL HOUSING D9TA-7505-BA FORD BIG BLOCK BBF 351M 400 ORIGINAL MANUAL …. The next generation of SFI Certified Bellhousings. Everywhere I have searched says it and the 465 is a different bolt pattern. Also check and see what McLeod or Lakewood …. 1968-72 Truck (5 1/8" center Hole) 6263756. Can you fit an NV4500 behind a smallblock? Yes. Newest toy 2017 VW Golf Altrack TSI Sold 2013 Durango bit the dust 9-04-14 :S: RIP Speedy the 67 vw died a very hot Death 5-17-2010 New toy 1985 crewcab longbed 4x4 conversion with a 93 cummin's and built 47rh with compushift mini controlled auto sxe62/70 turbo 6x13 injector's full 4 in Diamond Eye Exhaust ,366 spring and THD fuel …. This New Venture 4500 bell housing cover is a 5. Use a dodge trans, and get a adapter plate from advance adapters, to use a older (non nv4500) chevy bellhousing. The swap I'm referring to would be to intall 1996 or newer GM 4*4 NV4500, appropriate slave, clutch, and pressure plate, along with AA bellhousing for NV4500, and AA transfer case adapter. Transmission Adapter, Aluminum, Dodge NV4500 Transmission to Ford, 5. The NV4500 5-speed was used in heavy-duty Dodge trucks for the 1993-2007 model years, making it considerably easier to find donors over the Gertrag. This bellhousing is lightweight (15 pounds) and uses all factory linkage parts, including clutch forks, Z-bar, rubber dust boot, etc. The NV4500 is a five speed, RWD or 4WD transmission. Specifically what master cylinder would work with existing chevy setup or vice versa what slave works with jeep …. "Loosely-based" is the exact-right term to use, …. QUAD 4 x4 LLP Your 4x4 Experts. Advance Adapters GM NV4500 Manual Transmission Adapters …. You can use a NV4500 Bellhousing, or take the current SM465 bellhousing to a machine shop and have it opened up a bit. MP3023LD Transfer Case Rebuild Kit, BK3023. Adapter Kit – Cummins SAE3 to Jeep AX15 & NV3550. Parts availability and expense are surprisingly discouraging in addition to frequent year-to-year parts changes. item 1 1991-95 Chevy Nv4500 Bell Housing 1991-95 Chevy Nv4500 Bell Housing. I also have a rebuilt old stock (with very slight surface rust, missing rear housing) 92-95 NV4500 4wd. 3, NV4500 and the NP205 from my 77. It will also have the drop on the correct side. If its not bad and i can weld and machine or drill and tap id like to put one on my 96. 8L crate engine does come with a drive/flywheel …. Once the trans/t-case combo was installed everything else bolted back together basically. LS Transmission & Clutch Swap Instructional Guide. To convert to a NV4500 you will also have to change the …. 2005-2015 Nissan Xterra 2WD/4WD VQ40DE Manual Transmission (D50) 2004-2015 Nissan Frontier 2WD/4WD VQ40DE Manual Transmission (D40) 2004-2015 Nissan Navara 2WD/4WD VQ40DE Manual Transmission (D40) 2008-2012 Suzuki Equator 2WD/4WD VQ40DE Manual Transmission (D40) $1899. What bell housing fits behind a 5. NV3500 290 Getrag Shifter Tower Assembly, 8678461. yozzys_used_truck_parts (316) 100%. When you buy our parts for your New Venture 4500 transmission gasket replacement, we give you the highest quality, lowest prices and best service out there. Auto to manual swaps have dozens of threads. Bellhousing Kit 712577 Chevy 93. The LS engines introduced an additional hole at 12 o’clock and added structural oil pan attachments, which for most versions are the same. Anyone using GM internal slave cylinder?. Duratec Engine to Borg Warner T5 or Tremec Gearbox Hydraulic Clutch Bellhousing. The np435 trans had slave on passenger side; the nv4500 had it on drivers side. The bellhousings on the ones I have seen are similar to the one on my 4BD1T, but I haven't measured. The parts and procedure are detailed below. 3 out of 5 stars based on 10 product ratings (10) $189. BELLHOUSING HAS BEEN CLEANED , Media blasted. The 4500 is readily adapted to many vehicles that originally were equipped with light duty 5 speeds, 3 speed manual transmissions, 4 speed manual transmissions or automatic transmissions. 2 product ratings - Transmission bell housing only nv4500 94-02 Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel 53006513. NV4500 Bellhousing Adapters: If you are considering a NV4500, we offer conversion bellhousings for these applications. The bolt pattern on the engine is the same. Dodge Cummins Diesel NV4500 5 Speed transmission Bellhousing 712586. This bellhousing can also be used as a stock replacement for the SM465 4 Speed transmission bellhousing. NV4500 5 Speed Transmission Bellhousing. These adapters are designed to take advantage of your stock components and the space available under the hood of your car and connect your engine to your …. Trying to source the bellhousing for the 94 NV4500 I've got. Dodge NV4500 Bell Housing Kit 7-10 Business Day Lead Time Contact to Confirm Lead Time!Dodge NV4500 Cummins 5. Adapter Kits; OEM Equipment; BALL PIVOT-AA BELL HOUSING / 716180; Products specifications. Included in the adapter plate kit you will receive an adapter plate, pilot bushing, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions. These adapters feature a new 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing and a new pilot bearing for …. NV4500 Bellhousing, Clutch Info & Complete kits NV4500 Bellhousing Adapters: NV4500 Bellhousing Adapters: If you are considering a NV4500, we offer conversion bellhousings & adapter plates for these applications. I've searched pirate for info on mating the NV4500 to the 4BD1 but ran into all kinds of rather contradicting info. I was even able to reattach the solid rod brace that ran from the np205 to the th400 bellhousing bolt. The Ford NP435 has a 1-1/16" diameter, ten spline input shaft that has a stick-out of 6-1/2" from the front face of the transmission. 4th gear is straight through, there are no gears for 4th gear, just a slider and synchro. Visit the Quaife Shop to view and purchase Quaife Motorsport Gearboxes. i am swapping a 92 6bt into a 52 dodge m37 (more like building an m37 around a 6bt), and im using a 93 gm nv4500, i know i need to drill the lower bolt holes to match the cummins bellhousing, but my question is this; can i use the first gen engine plate and flywheel with the nv4500 bellhousing to make up for the shorter input of the gm …. Bellhousing, Manual, GM NV 4500 Transmission to Chevy, Big/Small Block V8, V6, Each. NV3500 Fork Pivot Ball, External Slave, 18740. Tailhousing adapter cause the STaK has a very deep bearing retainer and the stock Dodge tailhousing isn't deep enough even though the hole and bolt pattern are correct. I want to set up the NV4500 and 4BTA in a stock Dodge Cummins arrangement like it would have come from doge in …. Transmission Bell Housing Safety Blank. The NV4500 transmission is a heavy-duty 4-speed manual transmission that's been trusted by truck and off-road enthusiasts for decades. GM GENUINE PARTS CANADA 15998496. Early GM NV4500/4bt Questions I know, Here we go. Build a flange for the tranny side. The gear ratios of all of the Dodge version NV4500s remained the same, which is a 1st gear of 5. NV4500 Main Shaft 35 Splines GM 2wd 20-1/4 w/o Brake Drum, 25330. I am pretty sure you will have to buy an adapter bell housing. They share the same bolt pattern as the CTD starting with the 47rh auto or nv4500 manual bell housing. The NV4500 uses a larger center hole in the bellhousing and the bolt patterns are different so the best thing is to keep the NV4500 bell with it and the NP435 bell with it. Bell Housing Looking for a 1995 NV4500 bell housing. Shop by category OEM Dodge Cummins NV4500 Diesel NV4500 5 Speed transmission Bellhousing 1994-02. This kit is not compatible with 1996 and newer gm nv4500 transmissions. Slave cylinder bolt pattern for late 90's Mopar (1998 Jeep or Dodge). 52 Add To Cart Compare Wish List Advance Adapters GM NV4500 Manual Transmission Adapters 712576 Bellhousing, Manual, GM NV 4500 Transmission to …. the advance adapters kit can be bought from tellico 4x4 for $299 712585 - Advance Adapters - Dodge NV4500 Bellhousing To 5. Pre '68 truck bellhousings and car bellhousings are 4. Thread starter VIKING_MECHANIC; Start date Apr 15, 2021; Disclaimer: Links on this page pointing to Amazon, eBay and other sites may include affiliate code. Vortec 4200 to GM SBC/BBC/LS adapter plate. I think that's the same as the bellhousing adapter plate. Chevy NV4500 Knowledge Check!!!! So been on the hunt for a Chevy NV4500 bell housing and flywheel for my 1994 Chevy 3/4 NV4500. You will need a pedal setup out of a 85-87 pickup. Quaife has been designing and manufacturing precision engineered motorsport gearboxes since the 1960's. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. 1988 Ramcharger AW450-318EFI-NP435 4 speed-NP205 Transfer Case-Dana 60s-Braden Wormdrive Front Winch. Dodge NV4500 LD pilot bearing, Chevy bellhousing. NV3500 GM Pivot Ball Removal Tool, TL290. 1998 bellhousing is fine, starter clocking is slightly different from 1992 version- doesnt matter except for the splash shield covering the flywheel. 1994-2003 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 3/4 and 1 Ton …. First gear and high gear are essentially the same ratios for both the NV4500 & 5600. Just to clarify, I was talking about not torquing the bolts that hold the housing and transfer case bolts, NOT the nut that holds the gear on the shaft. I got a hold of NAPA and they had a roller …. NV 4500 Bolt torque specs. I actually had to buy a new adapter plate from Mopar (proprietary p/n to bellhousing) and. 34 3934080 Spacer, Starter Motor 72. nv4500 bellhousing bolt stripped. Take a look at the Advanced Adaptors website. Stroud NV4500 5 Speed Transmission Bell …. New Venture Gear create a separate line of the NV-3500 for Dodge and Chevy. I did a nv4500 swap in my 88 1ton 4x4. These adapters feature a new 356 T-6 aluminum …. The spin-forming process gives you a dimensionally stable design that offers double the strength. The Jeep AMC to T150 & T18 originally used 1976-1979 and T176 originally used 1980-1986, and the Jeep AMC to SR4, T4 & T5 originally used 1980-1986. Bellhousing: With the Poly, the two lower 7/16" bolts don't line up with the Dodge Gas Nv4500 bellhousing like the LA series engine does. Started the second million on 8/24/13. 4L/454 Chevy big block Gen VI Advance Adapters GM NV4500 Manual Transmission Adapters and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! Advance Adapters GM NV4500 manual transmission adapters will bolt directly to your engine block, allowing for simple installation of the transmission. Advance Adapters GM NV4500 Manual Transmission Adapters 712577 Bellhousing, Manual, GM NV 4500 Transmission to Chevy, Big/Small Block V8, V6, Each. NV4500 · GM Hydraulic Internal Slave Cylinder NV4500 Bellhousing · GM Mechanical Clutch linkage NV4500 Bellhousing kit · Heavy Duty Dodge Cummins NV4500 Clutch 13 . NV4500 BELLHOUSING & ADAPTER FOR PROFAB REVERSER – TWIN DISC UNIT. 9L Diesel Bellhousing Kit · Getrag to . Since you are converting from an automatic, you'll need to adapt the later hydraulic linkage and components to your '84, and then use. " OK, so there is an adapter plate, and a trans. The NV3500 5 speed manual transmission was designed for use in light, medium and heavy duty applications. Dodge Ram NV4500 5 Speed Rebuild Kit, BK308AWS. If you're not after crazy big power, a TBI 350 would be a lot easier to wire in than a later multi-port injected (i. Dodge Cummins NV4500 5-Speed Aftermarket Bellhousing MY CART This New Venture 4500 bell housing cover is a 5. Pm me tonight and ill get it off my …. 1988-93 Getrag 360 5-Speed Transmission. When I built my '94 3500HD I had a trans shop combine parts from '94 and '96 transmissions so that I had the '96 case (and bellhousing of course) with internal slave setup, but swapped over the rear tailshaft housing from the '94 trans so I had the HD-specific parking brake setup needed. You need as I call it the nv4500 AA BIBLE. 1989-1993 DODGE RAM CUMMINS BELL HOUSING ADAPTOR PLATE with mounting bolts. I have found them to be an asset in answering questions such as torque specs. New Process 207, 231, 241OR, 242 & 249. They are found primarily in GM and Chevrolet trucks, Blazers, Suburbans and many other models falling under the 1/4-ton to 1-1/2-ton platforms. We offer remanufactured Dodge RAM 6-speed manual transmissions for your old, tired unit, and if you're looking for a high-quality Dodge Cummins 6-speed transmission for sale at a great price, you've come to …. 9 L V6 (also used by AMC) Buick. Bellhousing Kit includes: The bellhousing kit includes a 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing, pilot bushing, transfer case shifter bracket, crossmember support, fastening hardware. replace a NP435 with a NV4500 possible?. The goal was to produce a full line of manual transmissions …. Robust and reliable, this 5 speed transmission was supplied in pickup trucks (up to 1 Ton) and is a popular replacement in older trucks with 4 speeds. I used an AA Vortec to NV4500 bellhousing, with a stock clutch slave cylinder and throw-out arm. We've got a full line of NV4500 5-speed transmission gaskets and seals as well as brake drum seals and more. Advance adapters rear Adapter w/23 spline output and Traditional new Process 6 bolt pattern. Both dodge and chevy use the same bellhousing bolt pattern, with the only exception being the 93-95 …. This is the 86-91 4spd bell on the 4500, similar to the AA bell that comes in the AA kit #27-0032 that is about $903. 4 speed to NV4500 conversion. Manual Full gm conversion bellhousings, Full gm bellhousing choices – …. 2018 Ram 2500HD Crew Cab 4WD 5. The NV4500 used by Chevy had two different transmission to bell housing bolt patterns. The earlier 3 speed Land Cruiser trans can be mated to the Ranger Torque Splitter by using a special retainer: PN 716222 with Overdrive PN 760001M-27. GM NV4500 Clutch inspection Plug. Locating the manufacturer's tag, if present, is. The nv4500 and transfer case I bought from 'high impact transmission and gear' who modifies the 5th gear retainer on the nv4500. With a transmission like a ZF6, the bellhousing is cast into the transmission and thus swapping is more difficult because you can't change the bellhousing, you are stuck with it. gifu Discussion starter · Feb 9, 2004 (Edited) 12" clutch, stock 4 speed, and Advance Adapters's bellhousing. I have everything I need except for a useable bell housing. The OE clutch linkage can be altered to work in most situations, however the bellhousing …. add to cart compare compare items. Advanced adapters made a bell housing for the NV4500 that was deeper to make up for the longer input shaft. NV3500 GM Clutch Fork Puller Kit, TS290-KIT. The NV4500 and NV3550 transmissions use different schemes to index to their respective bellhousings. patooyee Premium Member · #4 · Sep 2, 2012. Bellhousing dowel pins for Dodge Plymouth Mopar 318 340 360 440 383 Ships Free! Opens in a new window or tab. Modifications needed: The swap requires a custom fabricated cross member and transfer case shifter brackets. Dodge Gas 4wd NV4500s initially were introduced with a 23 spline rear output shaft and a 6-1/4. 3, NV4500, expo build, on the back burner. The hydraulic part will work with either, but the pushrod must be compatible with the clutch fork. Advance Adapters AX15 User Manual • Full gm conversion bellhousings, Full gm bellhousing choices • Advance Adapters For the car. Transmission Bell Housing-Std Trans, NV4500/MW3, 5 Speed Trans, Transmission (For: Chevrolet) Opens in a new window or tab. I know a SM420/465 bolts up to a 3-speed bellhousing. Flywheel: My 340 is internally balanced so I used a neutral balance from a Magnum 318 (360 Magnum is not neutral …. This adapter bellhousing assembly is used to adapt the GM 4. Added protection is provided via a steel inner liner. Cost: (Approximate) Transmission: $800 used and $1000-1500 rebuilt Adapter (with spud shaft) $475-525 New drive shaft $150-200. NV3500 Shifter Assembly, 27964. The NV4500 was first used in GM trucks in 1992, and Dodge trucks in 1995. Advance Adapters GM NV4500 manual transmission adapters will bolt directly to your engine block, allowing for simple installation of the transmission. For stovebolters, we can mill the bellhousing out to 5. If you have not already, check Advance Adapters and high impact. The NV4500 was one of the most popular manual transmissions produced and was used in GM and Dodge heavy-duty pickup applications, gas, and diesel. blacksheep10 · #10 · Jul 2, 2004. NV4500 Bellhousing; NV4500 Bearing Kits; NV4500 Main Shafts; NV4500 Gears; NV4500 Clusters; NV4500 Input Shafts; NV4500 Bolts; NV4500 Bearings; NV4500 Bushings; NV4500 Cases & Housings; NV4500 Nuts ; …. Rebuilt Dodge Transmissions – 5. The nv4500 was offered for both the 5. NV4500 & New Process Transfer Case Vent Tube, 17988. If using an NV4500, you must use a GM version and supply an appropriate bell housing and tail shaft housing or adaptor. 3" for the Dodge 4wd tailhousing and i lack the dimensions of the bellhousing. There wasn't enough material in the drivers side hydro bellhousing to redrill the bolt pattern. Picture is for representational purposes only. The Novak Guide to the NV4500 Transmission. I've been told that the bell housing for a 93 and up GM NV4500 will not bolt up to a pre 87 SBC. 8L/351 Ford small block Windsor Bellhousing Adapters and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! $5 Off Your $100 Mobile App Purchase Advance Adapters Mopar NV4500 Transmission Bell Housing Adapters 712551 Transmission Adapter, Aluminum, Dodge NV4500 Transmission to Ford, 5. Early GM MT4 NV4500 Behind a Cummins. Your system would include a bellhousing adapter plate. 70 and #712553 (adapts NV4500 to stock bellhousing) $272. The pilot tip of the transmission measures ~17mm. One is for an SM420/465, one is for an NV4500. Cannot be use with OEM Gen III/LS clutch parts. Buy NV4500 Transmission and New Process Transfer Case Vent Tube 17988 - Shop Today and Save! NV4500 5 Speed. Yours should be easier since the NV4500 uses a circular pilot (the NV4500 aligns to its bell with concentricity relative to the input retainer, where the R151F aligns with dowels) If you need to, you can weld supplemental tabs onto the steel bellhousing, as well -- much easier than working with cast. NV4500 Transmission Bearing Kit, BK308BWS. NV4500, the usual stuff with an SXE 362. Weak links in the NV4500 are the 23 spline early Dodge mainshaft and the 5th gear retainer nut that has not been upgraded. From what I've read before, the lower part of the bellhousings on 4x4 Dakota/Durango's are different from a fullsize Dodge truck bellhousing as the Dakota/Durango bellhousing has two holes tapped for two. NP205 Large Bearing Adapter Plate. Its successor, the NV5600, uses similar housings and bushings. The casing # in the bell housing is 238-2 and then the od unit says 17906 or 17904 can't remember exactly. The price is fair if it comes with the bellhousing. (Will not fit the NP241DHD) Our Price: $98. The 4BD1 has a 102mm bore and 120mm stroke. Complete with the isolator mounts and all. | Advance Adapters-Advanced Adpaters Ford 302 NV4500 conversion …. Included in the adapter plate kit you will receive an adapter plate, new NV4500 input shaft, custom pilot bushing, fastening. To install a NV4500 having a mechanical or hydraulic linkage, you have a few options. In the aluminum version there were apparently 2 different models depending on the size of the flywheel. 018" injectors, 4" exhaust, 3" air intake horn, Super …. 0 TJ with an NV3550 transmission. Both slaves appear to be identical in height. 848-inch index diameter (most common Ford three- and four-speeds use this bellhousing). Atlas 2 Speed T/C; Atlas 4 speed T/C; Adapters & Spacers; BELLHOUSING- NV 4500 TO CHEVY. The bellhousing adapter bolts to your …. 750” in length a is manufactured from 356-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy. 495 million miles with un-additized diesel fuel. QuickTime part number: QTRM-2050. $old, thank you! FOR SALE:$http://www. So just to verify (from the previous 4BD1 post on PBB), the earlier non-turbo 4BD1 had an SAE#3 flywheel housing that can bolt directly onto the 4BD1T version, allowing an NV4500HD (that supposedly has an SAE#3 bellhousing. You are not going to get a noticeable difference in top gear RPMs. The following is a list of bolts I need, if you can reply with diameter, pitch, length, and grade, I would appreciate the help. HOUSING- NV4500 REAR TO GM NP205 SKU: 51-0217. Cummins B Series Diesel engine to Chevy 1993-1995 Early NV4500 Adapter Kit. Transfer Case Vent Tube, 17988 Fits NP233, NP243, NP247, NP249, NP271 & NP273 GM NV4500 Shift Top Vent Tube. The transmission was introduced during the 1992 model year and still remains in production. Rather than spend $1300 on a Lakewood there are a couple forums posts out there that claim you can modify an original bigblock bellhousing to make it work with an NV4500, but i have yet to see a photo of the finished product. Nv4500 install with or without bell housing?. oil leak between nvr4500 and bellhousing!. I want to throw this in my CJ7 with a 350 and been going through. 00 lbs: Dimensions: 14 × 11 × 11 in: TRANSMISSION: 47RE (1996-2002), 47RH (1994-95), G56 6 SPEED, NV4500 5 …. I appreciate any input on this! Thanks again, Alex. If it’s a 4x4 the way the transfer case lever connects is different between the 12 valve truck and the 24 valve truck. NV4500 to NV5600 A few things to note from this swap was that the old drive lines will not work the transfer case will be 4" farth. com for All Your NV4500 Rebuild Needs. Hydroforming allows the maintaining of proper material thickness in critical areas. 9 Cummins bellhousing that fits 1994-2002 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 models as well as ¾ and 1-ton trucks with either a 5. 3 certification testing with a lightweight alternative bellhousing to the titanium bellhousing on March 7, 2007. item 7 VINTAGE Chevy Scattershield STEEL Cast Iron Bell Housing NHRA App WEDGE 55-61 VINTAGE Chevy Scattershield STEEL Cast Iron …. Get a great discount on this NV35450 transmission (NV3550-KA), an ideal 2000-2004 Jeep Wrangler 5-speed manual transmission replacement for your 4. and potentially move engine back closer to the firewall, along with having either two new driveshafts made or current ones modified, and also installing new. I was lucky and got mine with the bellhousing and T-case also for $700 …. 1973-84 Chevrolet and GMC Light Duty Trucks. Im just wrapping up my nv4500 swap and I installed the nv4500 with the bell housing on the motor. 99); 2003-2006 dodge viper srt 6 speed manual transmission …. New 5th Gear Lock Nut Retainer Kit For 1994-2005 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 NV4500 4WD. (NV4500 DODGE) Customers also bought. 9L nv4500 BELLHOUSING BELL HOUSING engine 53006513 oem. Maybe it's the Dodge NV4500 that needs the different bolt pattern. Originally designed in 1996, the Atlas transfer case has since been perfected by Advance Adapters for a multitude of vehicles. Advance Adapters for Dodge NV4500 Cummins 5. The Dodge standard duty NV4500 and the gm NV4500 use the same spline count which is 10 spline on 1 1/8 inch shaft, which should be the same as in your truck …. The master you can adapt as well, or try the stock one first. 9099cummins said: Np205 bolts up but you will need to remove the rear seal from the NV for it to not interfere. Bell Housing Adapter for General Motors V6/V8 Engines to 1993-1995 GM NV4500 5 Speed Manual Transmission. Fits: 1500 & 2500-Series Truck Chevrolet/GMC. The NV4500 is 7 13/16"" and the NV3500 is 8 1/16" from face of bell to flat face where slave attaches. I have everything I need to finish the drivetrain finally. NV4500 Bellhousing, Clutch Info & Complete kits NV4500 Bellhousing Adapters: NV4500 …. Truly a weak product that needs some more R&D, but I guess in all it gets the job done. Chevy V8 & V6 engine to the 1993-95 GM NV4500 5 speed, adapter bellhousing kit. This bracket is designed to fit 1985-1991 GM slave cylinders (GM #15615868). Minimize The Destructive Effects Of A Clutch/Flywheel Explosion Lakewood Bellhousings are manufactured through a hydraulic forming process known as hydroforming. 8 Turbo Diesel Engine Adapter kit for the Dodge NV4500 5 speed Manual Transmission Fits the 4 cylinder Cummins R2. I have the bell housing from the 465 that came in the truck and it is definately different. 7 Hemi share the same metric bellhousing thats different from the old LA motors. The SBC flywheel wouldn't balance with the 6. The early GM NV4500 is good for …. The NV4500 has been converted to work with a chevy 350 (with Advance Adapters bellhousing), the 350 already in my Jeep. Where a NV4500 was used one can use either a GM or Dodge bellhousing as both used NV4500's. LS + NV4500 swap questions. Advance Adapters Mopar NV4500 Transmission Bell Housing Adapters 712586A Bellhousing Adapter, Aluminum, Natural, Mopar NV4500, Dodge, 5. Dodge NV4500 Transmission to bellhousing bolt pattern (shared with the 1995–2005 GM light trucks). We have verified that the following GM bellhousing part numbers have the necessary block / bellhousing flange style that the #HCRC utilizes for mounting: 15998496 (NV4500) 14010202. Then a 3/4" piece dowelled and bolted to the front plate with the trans bolt pattern and a female register for the trans bearing retainer. Extension Housing Bushing 18172. DODGE Bellhousing Adapters. I never thought trying the early open bottom SM465 bellhousing or getting the bearing. Dodge Ram Cummins 5 9l Nv4500 Bellhousing Bell Housing Engine 53006513 Oem. This entry was posted on Saturday, October 14th, 2023 at 10:16 pm and is filed under quick. NV4500 NV5600 Shift Tower Isolator Spacer Kit, TS18873. Military specification versions were made through the early 1980s. In Isuzu trucks, both elements face down on the right hand side. Our new bellhousing uses a new external slave cylinder that bolts to the outside of the bellhousing. High-contact constant-mesh helical gears. NV4500 Main Shaft 35 Splines GM 2wd 25-1/2 w/ Brake Drum, 25332. I did make a mistake in my posting that I feel I should correct: The bellhousing bolt pattern is the same on the LATE Chevy NV4500 and the Dodge, so re-drilling the case likely wasn't necessary. Quick Time RM-2050 Quick Time Bellhousing - Cummins Diesel. Adapter Kit - Detroit 3-53 4-53 SAE 3 to NV4500 Add to Cart. No outright core required, shipping charges will be added. How to install an NV4500 Transmission. The dodge bellhousings didnt change in any significance over the years, although the trans itself made some notable changes. I did find a torque spec of 44lbs for an engine adapter. Bellhousing, External Hydraulic Upgrade, Release Bearing and Lever, Slave Cylinder, Bearing Retainer, Hardware, Jeep, AX15, Kit. Pinto or Cosworth to Borg Warner T5 Bellhousing. 125" opening if the overdrive transmission is in its original aluminum case. At this point everything on and around the transmission has been removed or disconnected except for the main engine to. 2 to NV4500 Transmission bellhousing. Rebuilt the NV4500 with the HD input shaft and it bolts up with transfer case. The NV4500 gear box bolts up to the bellhousing with 4 bolts. Adapter instructions are included. In order to engage the clutch what is recommended for this system without purchasing advance adapters equipment please. 98-02 Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Heavy Duty transmission CROSSMEMBER NV4500 NV5600. Maybe Dave will jump in, I think he's put some similar combinations together. The NV-4500 is actually an abbreviation for New Venture Gear 4500, a GM-built original equipment part designed as a professional quality and performance 5-speed manual transmission for a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive heavy duty 1-ton truck, used in Chrysler and GM vehicles from 1992-2007. Dodge NV4500 5 Speed Transmission Bell Housing Blanket. This will bolt up to 1996 and newer GM NV4500 transmissions as well. The flip side is if you want to bolt a 4. 0l flywheels for between $60 and $100 bucks. If Cummins does use a common bellhousing pattern and stack heights (the stickout or depth between the block mating face and the flywheel face), you have a way to go. NV4500 - input torque 460 lb/ft, dry weight 195 lb. Only came on the 92-94 years for this different bolt pattern. sutty Discussion starter · Oct 14, 2014. So that's what I torqued it at. The NV5600, which weighs in at 465 lbs. • Available with TMS Titanium liner For more info please refer to page 100. The bellhousing bolt pattern changed on the Chevy New Venture transmission. Early chevy NV4500 has a unique bell housing mounting pattern. At the time the truck was stripped down to the bare frame for some beefing, sandblasting, and a repaint. Joined: Sep 20, 2015 Posts: 482. Starting in 1962, a new flywheel size was. I've located a 2003 Dodge NV4500 trans with 50K miles. Both transmissions came in rams head and external slave. McLeod Racing is a one-stop source for all of your performance driveline products. C> Could try removing the bellhousing now with the input shaft still inside the clutch fork If the input shaft is completely clear of the clutch, I'd think it might allow me to drop the mess enough to go backwards. bellhousing nv4500 for sale. " my daily driver:67 F100, 300 4V, cammed, 4 spd. $100 for a usable core is a deal, I've had to pay as high as $500 to get a Dodge CORE in the past. NV4500 Retrofit Adapter Packages. 16 “Granny” Gear 1st gear but with economical. How Do I Identify Manual Transmissions on Chevy 1988. Dodge raider and rampage manual transmission rebuild kits; Web this transmission boasts a 6. If you obtain a 23 spline NV4500, the stock transfer case input gear can be retained. Lucas synthetic gear oil works just fine without the high $$. Lakewood safety bellhousing p/n 15335 claims to work with big blocks and NV4500's. Note: This is just a bellhousing, best suited for customers who are replacing a broken OEM casting. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. NV4500 5 Speed Small Parts Kit, SP4500-50Y. In addition, the 302-24 and 302-24BK are compatible with all. Since you have a small block, you could modify a factory bellhousing or an aftermarket steel bellhousing to fit the trans and use your mechanical linkage. The bellhousing kit includes a 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing, pilot bushing, transfer case shifter bracket, crossmember support, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions. Bellhousings & Bellhousing Kits – Free Shipping · Dodge NV4500 Cummins 5. 3, V8, LS-Series engines to the NV4500 5 speed transmission. Quality parts guaranteed! OE Replacements. 9L Cummins starter will all swap right over. 5" I too was hoping to find someone who had already done this, but to no avail. Advance Adapters should be able to furnish stack height dimensions for the NV4500 mate-up to the R2. I think you'd be needing a bell housing for the clutch, then you'd have to add a master cylinder and a clutch pedal, cut holes in the floor for the shifter. Adapter Kit - Universal SAE2 Bellhousing to NV4500. Most applications will require the stock adapter seal to be removed. 2001 4x4 lifted, 285/75R 16, 4" SS Diamondeye exhaust, 5spd stick, 13" Valair, Edge EZ, Raptor 100, bhaf, Boost/Pryo/FuelPSI gauges, 5th wheel, and spray on bed liner. also remember that there is NV4500 LD (all GM, v8 dodge) and NV4500HD (dodge v10 and cummins) I …. nv4500 bellhousing chevy for sale. 9L Diesel, Kit Part Number: ADD-712586A. Our GM NV4500 transmissions are broken into three main categories, the MT8, MW3 and the Heavy Duty (HD). TR4050 Tremec 5-speed GM 2WD Transmission. The opening in the bellhousing for the front bearing retainer was 5 1/8th inches and fit the transmission perfectly. Adapter Plate Assembly Dodge NV4500 To Jeep AX15 Bellhousing : : Automotive DescriptionAdvance Adapters Adapter Plate Assembly Dodge NV4500 To Jeep AX15 Bellhousing – This adapter plate kit is used to adapt a Jeep 4. Manual Transmission Repair Parts Online. 00 or Best Offer Sponsored Find parts that fit We need more information about your vehicle to confirm fit. Drill 4 holes, bolt seal adapter to NWF adapter using some silicone. We have several of the latest enhanced castings. 807" bell housing, but if the poster has the overdrive transmission, that requires a 5. I thought the Cummins and V-10 used the same 4500 cast case HD model. - Shop Our Online Store Allstategear. The adaptor faces the elements upward to clear the front driveshaft. These new transmissions have an aluminum bearing retainer installed on the front of the transmis - sion case. 1991–1994 GMC & Chevrolet C/K 2500 and 3500. Duratec Engine to Ford Gearbox Hydraulic Clutch Bellhousing. The New Venture Gear 4500, colloquially known as NV4500, is a 5-speed manual transmission manufactured by New Venture Gear and used in General Motors and Chrysler products from 1991 to 2007. Clutch Kit, Manual Transmission Conversion, Chevy, Small Block LS Series, M21, M22, SM420, SM465, NV4500, LUK Clutch, Kit See More Specifications | Check the Fit. NV4500 bellhousing replacing the Getrag 5 speed. NEW VENTURE 4500/CHEVY TRUCK 92 to 95 BHSG. So a Dodge NV4500 will bolt up to my 300? Will a Chevy NV4500? What about bellhousings, can I use a chevy bellhousing with a Dodge NV4500? Reply. (at least, the early models) The rest of it would require specific parts for the 6. I'm not aware of any other Chrysler application of this bolt pattern. NV3500 Shifter Assembly Updated Internal Detent S10, 27964. The NV4500 is known for long, imprecise throws that make it easy to miss gears. The recommended clutch assembly for this bellhousing is an 11" diaphragm type. 4320 Aerotech Center Way Paso Robles, CA 93446; sales@advanceadapters. Advance Adapters makes 2 different NV4500 bellhousings for the Chevy V8 so. 3-speed Toyota/SM420/SM465 and the 92-95 …. The Novak Guide to the AMC / Jeep I6 Engines. The NV4500 (there are Ford and GM versions), and AX-15 (again, there are different versions) five-speed manual transmissions are some of the more popular transmission options for 4BT swaps, The …. Just bought some about a month ago. So this plate allows you to bolt the NV4500 to a 3-speed bellhousing (which will bolt to your motor) 712550 : Dodge NV4500 5 speed transmission to a GM V8 adapter plate kit. com is affordable and sometimes has very detailed instructions with pics. Has anyone ever tried a pre 95 NV4500 bellhousing on a 95 up? They say the pattern is off and i was wondering just how much off. A 1st gen engine adapter is to shallow for the length of the input shaft on a 4500. When coupled to the AX15 or NV3550, the stock transfer case used a 23 spline input gear. Quick Time Cummins Diesel Engine Bellhousing with NV4500 …. Due to the rev range of the 4BD1T (like the majority of similar diesels) I would obviously need an overdrive gear, making the NV4500 a great pick. Or, convince yourself you need a doubler. 1 product rating - Advance Adapters for Dodge NV4500 Cummins 5. If you go to the download section, you will find the factory service manuals. 1991–2007 RPO MT8 & MW3 Shared Features: GM corporate V8 bellhousing to engine bolt pattern. A dodge/cummins unit at a junk yard was $1500 and about 6 hours away. Hello everyone, I have a 1991 12 valve that was connected to the three speed torqueflite or whatever it is called. 9 Cummins--465 behind a 454--you do the math as far as strength goes. bellhousing has been cleaned , beadblasted and painted. 1995–2000 GMC & Chevrolet C/K 2500 and 3500. GM Speedo Housing Retaining Bracket and Bolt Kit, T5-TAB. Advance Adapters GM NV4500 Manual Transmission Adapters 712577. swap nv4500 into 1986 k30, 454,465,205. GM NV4500 1996-up Transmission Bearing Kit, 6 Synchro Rings,BK308CWS. Professor Fate said: If memory serves, the NV4500 wasn't available until 1989 or so- by then they had gone to hydraulic clutch linkage, as opposed to your '84 using a mechanical clutch linkage. Removing the bell-housing off my dodge nv4500 transmission removal required a 3/4 wrench is what I used but you can obviously use a socket and ratchet or imp. Probell Lightweight Hybrid Bellhousings with starter pocket. I just went quickly through 2006 truck info. NV4500(the way they should have come) 5 inch Redneckmaster Ex Autometer Fullsweeps Serp Belt conversion. You will need to source clutch pedals, misc hardware, and interior pieces. This bellhousing kit allows for installation of a 1996 and newer GM NV4500 to Chevy V8 and V6 engines. A: Chevy V8 & V6 engine to the 1993-95 GM NV4500 5 speed, adapter bellhousing kit. 97 3500, 2 WD, G56, slightly bombed, 1. They confirmed that a second gen flywheel will work on a first gen or vice versa. The adapter plates are different thickness. Advance Adapters 712585 Advance Adapters Mopar NV4500 Transmission Bell. I finally got the NV4500 installed into the Sootburbanand it took me forever. I swapped from the 3500 to the 4500. Adapter Plate Assembly Dodge NV4500 To Jeep AX15 Bellhousing …. Holley's new LS 4WD Off-Road Engine Swap Oil Pan is designed to help. The trouble I ran into was not bolt pattern differences. Put crossmember and tranny mount back in(its fun) 10. 3 to my Nv4500 trans, im using the. It’s an ideal replacement for all popular 4-speed and 5-speed truck transmissions, and can be mated to a variety of OEM transfer cases plus aftermarket units like the Advance Adapters Atlas. This is a stock bellhousing from a 94-02 Dodge 2500/3500 with a 5. I used a Lakewood bellhousing because it was the easiest way to mate the NV4500 to a big block. I also think you'll need a different flywheel and clutch setup as well but I'm not 100% sure on of that. This bellhousing works with stock clutch linkage and hydraulic clutch actuators, and includes steel inspection cover and mounting hardware. I am using the factory mechanical linkage with my NV4500. NV3500 Getrag 290 Shifter Assembly, 1st & 2nd Design, 8678461. 00 (in) Shipping: Calculated at Checkout Product Description Dodge Diesel NV4500 to Cummins B Series Bell Housing. Quick Time Diesel Truck Bellhousings. The bellhousing kit includes a 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing, universal dust …. NV4500 HELP PLEASE Hi everyone, I am new to the whole world of forums so pardon myself in advance. The NV4500 is the early variant (1993) that used a passenger side bellhousing mounted slave cylinder. Replacing The GMC NV4500 Transmission. Rm-2055 Quick Time Bellhousing - Cummins Diesel Engine. Chrysler/Jeep Transfer case bolt circle. Celebrating 45 years as the leader in High Performance …. There may be other differences. Trying to find torque specs for nv4500 to bell housing and bell housing to adapter plate. Adapter Bellhousing Kits; GEN III, IV & V flexplate and flywheel adapters; Bellhousing Index Reducers; Conversion Packages. The catch with 4x4's is that they have the brackets that connect the engine and transmission and help hold the front differential in place. 9L Cummins diesel engine or a Mopar 8. Here are part numbers to do cummins swap and using the sm465 tranny which I believe uses the same adaptor and bellhousing as the nv4500 3910516 Transmission Adapter 289. This shows the adapter bell housing from Quick Draw Brands that adapts the Tremec TR-4050 to the. Fits Dodge Ram 2500 3500 Diesel and with 24mm Wide Input Bearing. View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage View Gallery Uploads Grumpy Ol Biker Join Date Feb 2004 Location NORTHGLENN. 2000 Ram 2500 QCLB-Quadzilla Adrenaline, FASS Titanium 95 GPH, 4 Inch Diamond Eye Duals Donalson M090544, BHAF, MoparMan Crank Case Vent Mod, NV4500 swap, SB3250-6, DAP 7x0. After 1995, the first gear and front bolt pattern reverted to the Dodge 5. and the throw out bearing that comes with the kit. Then use a old cast iron bellhousing ( cheap or free) opened up to the same. Its fully synchronized in all gears, and comes in a two-piece aluminum case with an integrated bellhousing …. 67:1; 4th 1:1 ratio, and a 27% overdrive. Locate and remove the engine plate or dust shield bolts from the bell housing. The stock NV4500 re-tainers should measure 5. Visit us and learn more about our complete …. You will need Advance Adapters 712577 Bell Housing and 715535 slave cylinder bracket. Bell Housing - Dodge Diesel NV4500 to Cummins B series $435. 1988 Dodge AW450 Ramcharger-318TBI-NP435-NP205-D60s. The Atlas transfer case represents the peak of gearing and strength capabilities for your vehicle, combining both on- and off-road performance for a one-of-a-kind solution you won’t find anywhere else. Since there is a 4-1/2" difference in length between the Getrag and the NV4500, the hole in your floorboard will need to be located back roughly 4-1/2" for the handle location. that's the standard GM 2500/3500 00-06 NV4500 Bellhousing CruiserMatt's Off-Road and Performance - Powertrain Conversions, OEM Maintenance and Repair, and Conversion solutions 1990 FJ62 3FE LS, Turbo, NV4500-203-doubled, SOA, 80FF Rear, locked, armored and dented - Cross country Rubicon Proven. 00 Cummins Bellhousing 4428419 6bt Getrag G360 First Gen 1989 93 Dodge Ram 5 Speed. 32 1st gear) Input shaft swapped to Chevy style. It was in a chevy 1997 chevy 4x4. Chevy LS V8 to GM Early NV4500 5 Speed Transmission Adapter Kit. I want to replace the one on my 1997 K2500 so I can use an external clutch slave cylinder. A DODGE nv4500 is a direct bolt-up swap (excluding clutch and assembly) to the Magnum 5. The bellhousings we manufacture offer brackets to retain both …. We carry a selection of NV3500 manual transmission parts and various other small parts for NV3500 …. item 6 Quick Time 6010 Chevy Blowproof Safety Bellhousing Scatter Shield Steel Racing Quick Time 6010 Chevy Blowproof Safety Bellhousing Scatter Shield Steel Racing. We even take take trade-ins to help offset the cost. NP241 Transfer Case Bearing Kit, BK241A. Another would just be to get the correct adapter plate and the next you can use the bell …. Rm-2060 Quick Time Bellhousing - Cummins Diesel. Fits 2005-up Dodge G56 6 Speed Transmissions. 0 out of 5 stars based on 7 product ratings (7) $304. According to AA, although the bolt pattern on the tailhousing of a 93-present …. 5 block is like a Chev gas engine. Used: An item that has been used previously. Click on the icons for photos and information about each Bellhousing. The NV4500 input shaft on the transmission I have is the same length, diameter, spline count, and pilot size as the SM465 that I removed from the truck. Jeep TJ Packages; New Venture NV4500 Manual 4 Wheel Drive Dodge 2001-2005 (2) Ford 6R80 & 10R80 Automatic Transmission (1) GM 700R4 Automatic 2 Wheel Drive GM 1982-1989 (1). In fact there was an article in one of the 4x4 mags where a CUCV had an NV4500 swap and they said it hit the gasser bellhousing. Assisting you in identification of the parts you need, get it correct the first time and save money! Transmission model NV4500 this unit is found in both Dodge and GM pickup trucks detailed parts illustrations are shown in the following 5 illustrations. Even with my 12" suspension lift it was a no go. Also, if it is the correct bellhousing for a 318, what other parts do I need other then …. Dodge Nv4500 Bellhousing FOR SALE!. Dodge Diesel NV4500 to Cummins B Series Bell Housing. It has two different bolt patterns tapped into it. NV4500 Bellhousing; NV4500 Bearing Kits; NV4500 Main Shafts; NV4500 Gears; NV4500 Clusters; NV4500 Input Shafts; NV4500 Bolts; NV4500 Bearings; NV4500 Bushings; NV4500 Cases & Housings; NV4500 Nuts; NV4500 Retainers; NV4500 Seals; NV4500 Shift Forks; NV4500 Shim Kits; NV4500 Sliders; NV4500 Small Parts ; …. - Buy Direct & Save! - We Can Provide All The Parts Needed For Rebuilding Your New Venture Gear NV4500-Transmission. The NV4500 transmission is a heavy duty 5 speed overdrive transmission. which tranny for a 4BD1???. Seems a couple members on another forum did that and it worked fine. Savings Central Clearance (1) 32 Results Found For "nv4500 bellhousing" KEYWORD: nv4500 bellhousing Individual Parts Part Groups In-Store Pickup Results 1 - 25 of 32 25 Records Per Page Best Keyword Match Sort. Need a bellhousing for your engine and trans swap? We make everything from the old-school Chevy V8 to AX15, all the way up to Dodge NV4500 to a 5. Both different from any other Chevy bell housing. This produces a very short rear driveshaft. In the sub categories below are Truck Transmission Clutch Housings I have in my collection. Estimated Ship Date: Oct 16, 2023 if ordered today. I'm having a hard time finding out bolt and nut sizes needed for a NV4500. Advance Adapters Mopar NV4500 Transmission Bell Housing Adapters 27-0055. Thanks again! 1997 12v 4x4 NV4500 3. $1500-Everything or Make Me a Offer, dont need it !! Dodge NV4500 (6. *stock 4WD trucks will have front driveshaft interference with bellhousing *Designed for use with 11” …. Whether you need a basic replacement bellhousing, SFI-approved bellhousing, or something for a custom driveline or engine swap, Summit Racing has you covered. But in reality if you buy everything at once you can do this in a weekend. myother4x4isaCJ7 said: You will keep the first gen adapter and starter if you use the AA Getrag-nv4500 bellhousing. The NV4500 was used by Dodge from 1994 onward, while GM used this gearbox in its trucks from 1992 to 2007. AA told me that their bell housing couldn't be used with the diesel starter. It was released in 1996 behind the 4. Dodge 4wd NV4500 transmissions have always maintained the same gear ratios and bolt patterns throughout production; however, variations occur between diesel (and V10) versus gas models. Manufactured in either aluminium, grey cast iron or SG Iron to suit a variety of environments including ATEX related hazardous areas. Then drill/tap 4500 face (its 1/2"thick) with old school pattern. • Available for both Ford and GM applications • GM version 13. Install NV4500 with bellhousing attached with the clutch fork installed(its a heavy pig so invite a friend to help) 8. The dodge input shaft is longer but to swap a dodge NV4500 to a chevy bellhousing I used a Avanced Adapters spacer to mate the bellhousing to the trans. 3, V8, LS-Series engines to the NV4500 & TR-4050 5 speed transmission. The SM465 is an outstanding, heavy-duty truck transmission designed and used in ½, 3/4 and 1+ ton trucks. Need an individual part (call with item number off the illustration below) or need a rebuilt transmission, bearing overhaul kit or other parts give us a call 888-824-2012 , free technical support. The bolt pattern on the transmission is the same as …. 5" The total legnth (again from front of bell to end of tailshaft) of the AOD is 27. I could not find any pre modeled thread anywhere so I cut (drew in SW) my own but you may have to play with yours a bit to get it just right. Money Back Guarantee ensures YOU receive the . 9L CUMMINS NV4500 OEM BELLHOUSING 53006513. Dodge NV4500 Transmission to bellhousing bolt pattern (shared with the 1995–2005 GM light trucks) · Dodge specific input shaft 7. 9L, and many medium/heavy-duty truck engines. But I’m doing dodge nv4500 to Chevy bellhousing so I just bought a Chevy nv4500 late bellhousing internal slave of …. I am using a hydraulic clutch set up also. I bought it locally for $150 as it was the only one around. The blocks are visually identical from the outside as are the heads and manifolds. com/products/712577--chevy-v8--v6-engine-to-the-1993-95-gm-nv4500-5-speed-adapter-bellhousing . The New Venture Gear 3500 transmission, also known as the NV3500, is a five-speed manual transmission used by Dodge and GM in their pickup trucks between 1993-2006 and certain Jeeps (Cherokee, Liberty and Wrangler) between 2000-2004. Cummins Bellhousing 4428419 - $250. The issue with this model is that there isn’t a TR4050 for any diesel …. Thanks! I talked to someone at from south bend clutch. I had my Chevy/Dodge NV4500 built by National Drivetrain. Shop NV4500 5 Speed Transmission Bellhousing, Pivot Balls, Clutch Forks and Much More Here at Allstategear. Dfeland Discussion starter · Dec 26, 2013 (Edited) Add to quote; Share Only show this user. No big deal, just make sure to re-check the level after it drains down a bit. They are 5/16 course thread bolts. Known for its rugged reliability and strength, the NV4500 is the perfect addition to any vehicle that demands the best in performance and durability. GM New Venture 4500 Main Output Shaft (32 Splines) Qty: + -. NV3500 NV3550 5 Speed Small Parts Kit, SP3500-50. The other surprising thing was my drivelines did not need modified in length. I was already planning to use the Advance Adapters 712500M clutch kit and 712576 bellhousing kit to mate the NV4500 to my LQ9. These transmissions use a 7-1/2” long input shaft which allows the use of an adapter plate between a stock bellhousing and the NV4500 transmission. check e-bay, there are some 93 4x4 units in SLC. You may find the paper identification tag on the top cover of the transmission case. Note to all: if you find this information useful, please hit the like button. Joined Jul 22, 2012 Threads 429. Chevy bell housing and clutch …. GM Guy · #5 · Jan 11, 2013 (Edited) the NV4500LD (light duty, used in all GM applications and v-8 dodge applications) was rated for 410 lb/ft. Has starter stud and slave cylinder studs in tact. these are getting fairly difficult to find , so do not let this get away. Anyways, i am seeking some help regarding my 4x4 GM NV4500. Chevy V8 & V6 to the 1996 & up GM version NV4500 5 speed, adapter bellhousing kit. total newb Lifetime Premium · #2 · May 18, 2020. Had to cut down and turn a Grade 8 bolt to make a new slave cylinder pushrod. 99 QCLB Red 4x4 53 block,nv5600,293k miles. Chevy and GMC Bellhousings. Buy NV 4500 Bellhousing Adapter. 76 5th gear; High-contact, constant mesh, helical gears for maximum strength; Die-cast aluminum alloy housing saves weight while offering considerable rigidity. The 92/93 W250 and W350 had the correct bellhousing and NV4500. Remove brake pedal and install clutch and brake pedals 13. ( 4 ) Estimated Ship Date: Nov 8, 2023 (if ordered today) Free Shipping. 7l Vortec, NV4500, Orion 1976 FJ40 being brought back to life (slowly ) cruisermatt Un-manufacturable. For customers that have a Dodge gas version, you will need to purchase a new GM NV4500 …. NV4500 series transmissions were specifically designed for use with Castrol Syntorq LT® GL4 rated synthetic gear lubricant. 9 bolt connecting a NV4500 transmission to an aluminum Bell housing I do not know if this is the proper forum. I have a 1994 K3500 Chevy truck 6.